The precepts in history and research in gerontology do not see ageing as a problem.

In India we are endowed with cultural constructs that venerate the ageing process itself and the aged in society.
Life in all forms is venerated;a fact that is indeed characteristic of the East as a whole.

For instance, the 'graduageing' Vedic ceremony celebrating man's birthday called the "shastipoorti",symbolizing the greening of the mind under the powerful benevolence of cosmic energy, the Sun.

ASM "Annavarjula Subramaniam Memorial Trust" a registered Trust have started a home for the aged -- HOME-AGAIN -- ensuring them shelter,food and peace.A.S.M Trust was formed in the year 1997and by Dr.A.Nagaratna and a group of like minded people with the humanitarian goal of giving the old a new lease of life filled with love and affection.A.S.M. Trust has taken upon itself the responsibility to look into the problems of Senior CitizenS in every walk of life.With this noble idea A.S.M. Trust started a home for the aged named 'HOME AGAIN' on 28.02.1998.. This is a non-governmental,non-political organization for creating a home again for the aged where caste and creed,community and religion will not be barriers to warmth, wantedness, sympathy and understanding.

'Where is Home Again Located'?

'HOME AGAIN' is located at 5-B,K.C.Road, Bellary,Karnataka,India.At the moment it is in a private building belonging to Dr.A.Nagaratna. There is place for fifteen inmates with all the basic facilities. There is a library for the Senior Citizens on the first floor. An oldage home should have a calm,pollutionfree environment and all other basic necessities just as any comfortable housing project.

It could be located in a rural or urban setting depending on the type of people expected to live in it.While some people may like quiet idyllic sorroundings, others may prefer an urban area where they have quick access to facilities to the city. Keeping these ideas in mind we have identified 3 acres of land in the village of SANGANKAL about 5 kilometers from Bellary where we have planned our future 'HOME AGAIN'.This will be completed in phases and it will be a self-sufficient, quiet and a pleasant place for the aged.

This area has a nonpolluted environment in the midst of plenty of trees and plants.Light,water and air are pure and pleasant round the year.

Design of 'HOME AGAIN'
'HOME AGAIN' is designed keeping in mind all the necessities of the aged persons.It has a dormitory type shelter,independent rooms and cottages. The rooms will be well ventilated. As much as possible all faciities in the home will be at the ground floor level.The upper floors will have a sloping ramp,which would also facilitate easy passage of wheel chairs when needed.

The toilets and bathrooms will have rough flooring so that the elders do not slip.Suitable railings will be provided for support. There will be an 'infirmary' where sick people needing short term treatment coluld be accomodated.

Facilities that will be provided in 'HOME AGAIN'
Recreational and reading facilities such as,TV,cable,video and a library.The extent of the physical activity of the residents can be taken care of with active sports such as tenis,table tennis and other activities.Indoor games like carrom,chess will be provided.

In today's context computers with Internet connections are more a necessity than an option especially to recieve and send e-mail to the near and dear. The ability to browse the world wide web will allow the residents to be informed and mentally active.

Working Team in 'HOME AGAIN'

  • 'HOME AGAIN' has an administrator who will    be responsible for the running of the home.
  • 'HOME AGAIN' has a basic staff such as    clerks,cashier - cum - accountant.Nursing    staff,attenders,maids and a cook for the    efficient running of an old age home.
  • A medical officer is there to attend to the    health needs of the inmates.
  • A nutritionist can play an important role by    providing special attention to the nutritional    requirements of the residents.At least a part    time nutritionist will be appointed.
  • A professionally qualified social worker is an    essential member of the team.
  • Nursing staff and health care workers trained    in Geriatric care will be appointed.

    Medical Care in 'Home Again'
    All medicines and medical accessories that may be needed for the treatment of the residents will be stored on the advice of a senior physician. For e.g:Oxygen cylinders, suction apparatus and intra-venous sets will be readily available.
    Drugs will be replaced periodically,considering their expiry date. Transport facilities will be available in case there is a need to rush them to the hospital for intensive care.

    We request philonthropists to donate generously so that our dream of providing a safe,compassionate 'HOME AGAIN' for the Senior Citizens will be a reality.All donations are exempt from income-tax under 80G. TOP

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