"To provide a HAPPY,CONTENTED AND PEACEFUL life for the elderly people    in HOME AGAIN"

Ageing is irreversible. It brings with it unpleasantness, which, with some simple guidelines could be made tolerable and allow the person to age gracefully.

To have our own facilities in Sanganakal, we propose to develop a vernacular village over here giving the inmates a comfortable place to live in, with plenty of space to move around in a clean and good atmosphere.We have secured 4 1/2 acres for this project.

We propose to build this using locally available materials, less of cement, more of wood and tiles - high roofed with a garden, plants and our own livestock.

Old people develop age related diseases like Arthritis, B.P. Diabetes etc., which inturn might lead to complications. We plan to have a hospital for them and a geriatric ward and also a hospice to take care of those terminally ill.

We are very ambitious about our plans.We know we can do it, with your active support.